Basic 2
Basic 1
12 de agosto de 2017

Basic 2

No Basic 2, você terá mais exercícios para aprimorar ainda mais seus estudos!

As principais atividades são: Gramática, Vídeos, Exercícios de Escuta e Textos, Curiosidades, pronúncia, além de temas para você praticar e conversar na aula seguinte.

Após o Basic 2 você estará apto para prestar a prova KET da Cambridge!

Bons Estudos!

1. Can / Could

Listening Exercise: Band Auditions.
Discussion 1: What can you cook?
Discussion 2: Can you play a musical instrument? Would you like to be in a band?

2. May / Might

Listening Exercise: Stop Wasting Time.
Discussion 1:  How many text messages do you send each day?
Discussion 2:  What things stop you from working? What can you do to study better?

3. Must / Should

Listening Exercise: Trains and Travel.
Discussion 1: Do you like to swim? Where do you usually swim?
Discussion 2:  Do you often use a train? What is your favourite type of public transport? Why?

4. Review 1 

Listening Exercise: “Send My Love to Your New Lover” (Click on “Maybe later”)
Speaking Exam: KET – Part 1:
Discussion 1: Tell me about yourself!

5. Verb To Be (Past)

Listening Exercise: Getting an ID Card.
Discussion 1:  Who do you send emails to? How many emails do you send every week?
Discussion 2:  Do you have an ID card? What about a passport?

6. Many x Much

Listening Exercise: Ordering Food.
Discussion 1: What’s your favourite kind of food?
Discussion 2: What’s your favourite restaurant? What food and drink do you like to have there?

7. How + Adjective

Listening Exercise: Describing People.
Discussion 1: Do you study English at a language school? How good is your English now?
Discussion 2:  What do you look like? How tall are you?

8. Review 2

Listening Exercise: “Shape of You” (Click on “Maybe later”)
Speaking Exam: KET – Part 2.
Discussion 1: Tell me about your favourite meal!

9. Reflexive Pronouns

Listening Exercise: A Good Night’s Sleep.
Discussion 1:  What electronic items do you have in your bedroom? Do you choose them by yourself?
Discussion 2:  Do you sleep well? How many hours do you sleep a night?

10. Relative Clauses

Listening Exercise: Online Safety.
Discussion 1: Do you live in a house or a flat?
Discussion 2: How do you stay safe online?

11. Adverb Order

Listening Exercise: Eating Out.
Discussion 1: What sports do you play? Would you like to play any sport?
Discussion 2:  What food and drink would you like to order?

12. Review 3

Tag Questions
Let’s watch!
Writing Exercise
Listening Exercise: “You Know My Name” (Click on “Maybe later”)
Speaking Exam: KET Speaking.
Speaking Exam: KET Speaking Comments.
Discussion 1: Tell me about your job/school!

13. If Clauses (Case 1)

Listening Exercise: Using Colours to Do Homework.
Discussion 1: Do you have pets? If you have a pet, which pet will you take?
Discussion 2: If you study another language, which one will you study?

14. So x Such

Listening Exercise: Traveling Abroad.
Discussion 1: Do you study a lot before your exams?
Discussion 2: How often do you travel?

15. There To Be

Listening Exercise: Taking Notes.
Discussion 1: How often do you travel by train? Where is there a Train Station nearby?
Discussion 2: How do you prepare for an exam? Do you know about KET Exam?

16. Review 

Listening Exercise: “Stressed Out” (Click on “Maybe later”)
Discussion 1: Tell me about your family!
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